What this microfiber truly is?

Microfiber is used in so many ways that we hear the word often when speaking of bedding, apparel, fabrics and furniture.

To the layman who doesn’t want a bunch of technical data, the fiber is microscopically thin..1/100th the diameter of a human hair. Microfiber bedding, as a result is wonderfully soft to the touch. A lot of people compare microfiber sheets to Egyptian cotton, which is considered luxurious.

Fabric created from microfiber that is then used to create your bedding means that you will have products that are lighter, more comfortable, long lasting, breathable and even easier to clean. Microfiber has wicking properties, and the sheets will keep you dry at night if you get hot when you sleep.

Products created from these fibers are also great for allergy sufferers. Microfiber construction will repel dust mites and provide a soft, cool sleeping surface free of allergens.

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