Why use deep pocket sheets?

Many mattresses currently produced are thicker than those of the past, providing more cushion than ever before. This is great for comfort, but unfortunately, this means that regular sheets often don’t quite do the job in covering them. This is where deep pocket sheets come in. As their name implies, these sheets are deeper than average, especially in the corners, allowing them to stretch over thick mattresses and mattresses with pillow tops or mattress toppers.

What is so good about bamboo sheets?

Bamboo sheets are made from 100% organic and natural product. Bamboo requires absolutely no herbicides or pesticides and is one of the most sustainable of all natural fibers.

Bamboo sheets are great for people who suffer from allergies or have a low immune system. Bamboo has many antibacterial qualities that make it able to repel and eliminate any bacteria that may try to damage the plant itself. Once this organic bamboo has been manufactured into a bamboo sheet, it still retains these antibacterial qualities.

Bamboo fabric can adjust to body temperature. It is one of the fasting wicking fabrics available, making these sheets much more breathable than any fine cotton sheet. The individual fibers have cross sections filled with micro-holes and micro-gaps. This gives bamboo fabric the ability to absorb moisture 3-4 times that of cotton. Bamboo sheets have a soft, silky texture that feels wonderful against the skin. This also will help you to enjoy a deep, undisturbed sleep.

What does it mean “Egyptian cotton”?

Egyptian cotton has extra-long fibers (around 40 mm), also known as extra-long staples. The long fibers of Egyptian cotton can be wound into extra-fine strands, which manufacturers weave into cotton fabrics with extra-high thread counts, creating a durable and luxuriously soft material for Egyptian cotton sheet sets.

Egyptian cotton absorbs liquids very well, which is why Egyptian cotton sheets sets often come in such vibrant colors. When Egyptian cotton sheets sets are dyed, they are able to soak in more dye than sheets sets made from other varieties of cotton.

Egyptian cotton bedding often feels a little stiff at first. However, each time you wash your sheets, they will become softer. Considering that Egyptian cotton sheets can last for decades, an Egyptian cotton sheet set will become one of the softest sheet sets you will ever use.

What this microfiber truly is?

Microfiber is used in so many ways that we hear the word often when speaking of bedding, apparel, fabrics and furniture.

To the layman who doesn’t want a bunch of technical data, the fiber is microscopically thin..1/100th the diameter of a human hair. Microfiber bedding, as a result is wonderfully soft to the touch. A lot of people compare microfiber sheets to Egyptian cotton, which is considered luxurious.

Fabric created from microfiber that is then used to create your bedding means that you will have products that are lighter, more comfortable, long lasting, breathable and even easier to clean. Microfiber has wicking properties, and the sheets will keep you dry at night if you get hot when you sleep.

Products created from these fibers are also great for allergy sufferers. Microfiber construction will repel dust mites and provide a soft, cool sleeping surface free of allergens.

What’s the difference between Satin or Cotton Sheets?

Satin sheets have a silky feeling that is cool to the touch, while cotton sheets are often heavier and coarser. Like luxury silk sheets, satin has a tendency to feel smooth from the minute you put them on the bed. Fine cotton sheets will take a little more effort to break in, but can get cozier after each wash. Cotton is also better for creating warmth. Many people prefer cool satin sheets in the summer and cotton in winter.